︎we always need heroes¶ (2020), single-screen film, 46 minutes
with music composed by Katrin Hahner / KENICHI & THE SUN

︎we always need heroes¶ (2018), artist book, in collaboration with designer/publisher Hans Gremmen/Fw:Books

︎ The manifold aspects of the current crisis force us to reconsider our lives, reformulating previous beliefs in the wake of a changed reality. Rosie Heinrich’s multidisciplinary project we always need heroes¶ (2020) explores such a myriad turn of perspectives. Listening to witnesses of Iceland’s financial crash of 2008, the impossibility to bring order to experience ‘outside narrative’ is unveiled. The unknown must be embraced, since dominant narratives have been debunked. An alternative language must be invented. we always need heroes¶ speculates on finding articulations for the crisis itself and the future directions we might take.

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